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Snoozeen automates invoicing, generates contracts, tracks payments, and manages expenses for freelancers and small businesses. It's your personal finance assistant that puts your finances on auto-pilot, giving you more time to grow your business.

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Snooze the tedious tasks so you can spend more time on what really matters. If you're a freelancer, small business owner, or startup, Snoozeen can help you with company setup, invoicing, and tax declaration preparation.
Open a company
All online
Hassle-free, online and validated by legal entities.
We can help you handle the continuous expenses of your business.
In less than 48h you'll receive the initial documentation.
Invoicing & Accounting services
Track expenses
Track the status of your invoices, including paid and unpaid ones.
Generate invoices
Create professional looking invoices with our easy to use invoice generator.
Automate invoice creation, sending, and reminders for customers.
Crypto + Cash
Compatible with cryptocurrency, alongside traditional currencies.
Language support
We value effective communication. Our invoices support multiple languages.
Compatible with some of the most popular currencies: Euro and Dollar.
Keep your cash flow in check with our hassle-free, quarterly invoicing at a guaranteed annual fixed rate.
Individual business
A full financial year for 1 person
• Create beautiful invoices in seconds
• Always on time for your VAT return
• Dedicated accountant
• Financial report
per year
General partnership
A full financial year for 2 people or more
• Includes everything from individual business membership plan
• plus 100€ for every new contributor
per year
One time fee
Company setup
Do you need to open a company in Portugal?

LTD Company, Digital & Printed company documents, Confirmation Statement, VAT Registration PAYE Registration
One time fee
Includes tax expenses
Frequently Asked Questions
How to use Snoozeen?
Overall, Snoozeen is designed to simplify the financial management process Create an account, choose the membership plan and relax, we'll take care of everything for you. for freelancers and small business owners, by automating many of the administrative tasks and providing easy-to-use tools for tracking and managing finances.
I only need the invoice generator, how can I use it?
Snoozeen generates professional-looking invoices based on your project or work details, and sends them to your clients automatically. It also tracks invoice status and sends reminders to clients who haven't paid on time. Create a free account, once you're logged in, click on the "Invoicing" tab in the main menu fill in the client details and that's it.
How to open a company in Portugal?
1 - Choose a name for your company; 2 - Prepare personal documentation; 3 - Get a Portuguese Address; 4 - Set up a bank account; 5 - Register for VAT and other social contributions; 6 - Apply for a proper business license; 7 - Register for Finances and Social Security;
Anyone in the world can use Snoozeen?
Yes, but keep in mind that you'll only be able to open a company in Portugal if you have an address in the Portuguese terriotry.
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Don't let the complexities of business administration and tax declaration get in the way of your success. Let our team of passionate and knowledgeable accountants in Portugal* handle it all for you.